Convergence of code and speech

Nicole van der Hoeven


Ada Lovelace: Great minds. from SciShow on YouTube.

Binary code

Ariel Zych on Science Friday.

Machine code

BigDumbDinosaur, BCS Technology Limited

Assembly code

Holley, M. (1980)

Compiled languages

package v1

import (


type Status struct {
	Status lib.ExecutionStatus `json:"status" yaml:"status"`

	Paused  null.Bool `json:"paused" yaml:"paused"`
	VUs     null.Int  `json:"vus" yaml:"vus"`
	VUsMax  null.Int  `json:"vus-max" yaml:"vus-max"`
	Stopped bool      `json:"stopped" yaml:"stopped"`
	Running bool      `json:"running" yaml:"running"`
	Tainted bool      `json:"tainted" yaml:"tainted"`

func NewStatus(engine *core.Engine) Status {
	executionState := engine.ExecutionScheduler.GetState()
	return Status{
		Status:  executionState.GetCurrentExecutionStatus(),
		Running: executionState.HasStarted() && !executionState.HasEnded(),
		Paused:  null.BoolFrom(executionState.IsPaused()),
		Stopped: engine.IsStopped(),
		VUs:     null.IntFrom(executionState.GetCurrentlyActiveVUsCount()),
		VUsMax:  null.IntFrom(executionState.GetInitializedVUsCount()),
		Tainted: engine.IsTainted(),

func (s Status) GetName() string {
	return "status"

func (s Status) GetID() string {
	return "default"

func (s Status) SetID(id string) error {
	return nil

Interpreted languages

class App extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            balance = 0
    onAdd3 = () => {
        this.SetState({ balance: this.state.balance + 3})

    onWithdraw5 = () => {
        this.setState({ balance: this.state.balance -5})

    render() {
        return (
                <button onClick={this.onAdd3}>Add $3</button>
                <button onClick={onWithdraw5}>Withdraw $5</button>
                <p> My balance is {this.state.balance}</p>

Code abstraction cake




physical quality








Project plan/theme

Kotz, M. (2010).


Scaled Agile Framework

User stories

As an account owner,

I want to deposit and withdraw money from my account

so that I can save and spend my money.

Behavioral specifications

Feature: Deposit and withdraw

  Scenario: User clicks Add 3
    When the user clicks Add 3
    Then 3 is subtracted from the balance

Speech abstraction cake

Code or speech?

A button that says "Add $3" and a button that says "Withdraw $5".
Then, show me my balance.

A button that says “Add $3” and a button that says “Withdraw $5”. Then, show me my balance.

Code > Speech

Code < Speech

If you’re a coder…

Write expressive code.

Document your work.

Learn to write.

Handley, A. (2014)

If you’re a writer…

Use tools that developers use.

- version control: Git
- Markdown
- static websites like Hugo

Refactor your writing like code.

Clarke, S. (2021).

Learn to code.



Python for Everybody:

Kotlin and Java:

For both

Learn in public.

Build and maintain a personal knowledge management system.



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